In the 1400’s coffee beans were already used for therapeutical and healing purposes as evidenced by medical books. One of the major properties is the actual caffeine: a stimulating substance that “activates the intellect” and not only that. Given the use of the latter in modern cosmetics it’s a natural stimulant for body and mind.


The first “M” is the Mixture.
The perfect balance of a mixture between taste, flavour and body requests a skillful knowledge of each and every type of coffee. Each component of the mixture must be chosen from the best selections of each country of origin, then combined in a harmonic way with all other components and brought to the right degree of roasting.

The second “M” is the Milling.
The right degree of milling should allow the Espresso a fluid and constant descent into the cup, guaranteeing the extraction of flavours and cream to the surface. The grinders of the mill dispenser must always be very sharp, clean and constantly regulated during the work until there is the right degree of milling often influenced also by the humidity. The calibration of the exact dosage of coffee, an appropriate force and uniformity of the pressed powder complete the correct methodology of the second “M”.

The third “M” is the Espresso Machine.
A correct use of the espresso machine, its management and maintenance are the essential requirements for the proper use of the correctly milled chosen mixture. The main elements to keep an eye on are the water pressure, temperature and water flow coming out.

The fourth “M” is the Maintainer’s hand.
The maintainer’s experience acquired over many years of work with the machine, his capacity in maintaining the machine regulated and clean is the last condition for having the quality in your cup.

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